Union Bank of Iraq

Governance guide of Union Bank of Iraq

Union Bank seeks to develop its supervisory, supervisory and operational tools to enable it to carry out its duties professionally Achieving its strategic objectives governed by the instructions issued by the Central Bank, including a guide Institutional governance that reflects the Bank's orientations in this regard.
Union Bank calls for adherence to the principles and principles of corporate governance to further develop those Rules, policies and regulations governed by and guided by the instructions of the Central Bank and what it adds to it From the principles he worked out during his career, including the highest standards of transparency and disclosure that express confidence Its internal work mechanisms and tools are relevant to the completion of its activities and provide the highest banking safety requirements. The bank with this guide, which will work by letter and spirit, but aims to rely on it for the achievement Higher levels of performance and more accurate balances between these levels and increase the integration between them to become Governance rules and policies with emphasis on transparency, accountability and achieving the interests of shareholders Their protection, along with other stakeholders, is a sustainable approach at all levels Admin it.
The bank is also keen not to abuse the authority in the interest of the bank and this evidence is a confirmation of it To abide by the rules, controls and behaviors that emphasize adherence to laws, regulations and policies Govern his overall performance.
This guide, including its founders' rules, will contribute to the development of the bank's competitiveness It will help him continue his path towards further achievements.
The Bank will always be keen to develop this guide for further updating To improve its outputs commensurate with the developments in the world of banking industry in addition to its keenness To protect the funds of depositors, shareholders and stakeholders and focus on disclosure and transparency.

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