Union Bank of Iraq

ATM Service :

Our bank management is pleased to present Free ATM Service to all Iraqi ministries and establishments as follows below :

  1. Supplying & installing ATM to all Iraqi ministries, establishments, and corporations is among 2012 policy which is set by chairman (Mr. Ali Muftin Khafif) in which all Iraqi officials should be provided with ATM machines and connected to our banks systems in all providences.
  2. All ATM equipment and technical accessories at the expense of the bank and according to the administration order issued by chairman in 29/06/2012.
  3. All equipment and ATM machines considered bank personnel in case the corporation withdraw its capital from any of our branches. In this case, all installed equipment and machines installed by us will be withdrawn.
  4. Work Mechanism of the Beneficiary

    • a.The beneficiary must open an account in Union Bank of Iraq head office 30 days before installing ATM.
    • The beneficiary must send his payrolls on a monthly basis before 72 hours of salaries distribution in order to enter it in ATM database.
    • The beneficiary must send employee archive with his passport if available.
    • Determine the approximate increase of the overall employees’ salaries value in order to secure ATM funds one day before salary distribution.
    • The beneficiary must send monthly payrolls after modification in case of deduct or increment.

  5. 1.Not any amount will be deducted from the beneficiary or individual for this service. ATM service is one of our Free services.
  6. In case the beneficiary has managers or individuals working outside Iraq, he must send their payrolls to put it in their international accounts so they can withdraw from inside and outside Iraq. This service is available for only 20 individuals; otherwise, an approval must be taken from the chairman.


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