Union Bank of Iraq

About the bank :

Union Bank of Iraq was established according to the certificate of incorporation numbered 9321 on 9/23/2002 issued by the Department of the Registrar of Companies and obtained a license to practice banking according to the Central Bank's book numbered 9/3/240 dated 9/3/2004.


The current capital of the bank is (252000000000) two hundred fifty-two billion Iraqi dinars.

The Iraqi Union Bank is a private joint-stock company headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq, and has ten other branches in each of (Erbil - Basra - Najaf - Karbala - Dhi Qar - Maysan - Wasit - Qadisiyah - Diyala - Anbar), to provide the bank with the finest financial services to individuals and companies And institutions, including consulting, wealth management, loans, and private customer services. Corporate banking benefits also include domestic and foreign services and structural and commercial financing.

The private banking services in Union Bank of Iraq are investment services, foreign services, international services, through its relationships with correspondent banks abroad, and brokerage services include both securities trading, stock trading, and money transfers.

The bank seeks to open other branches in (Sulaymaniyah - Dohuk - Nineveh - Salah al-Din - Kirkuk - Babel - Muthanna) and other areas of Baghdad to be always ready to provide services to its customers wherever they are, as the bank seeks to trade via the Internet and the phone to the esteemed customers in line with the global development in banking services.