Union Bank of Iraq

Master Card :

To our dear customers ... ...

  • Enjoy a world of unique features with prepaid cards (Master Card) from the Union Bank of Iraq

  • Union Bank of Iraq seeks   In the present time to provide ATM services to facilitate access to some services that the citizen needs continuously and without interruption 24 hours, including public holidays and holidays   And we will inform our customers in advance of service activation.

  • Localization of the salaries of the employees of the State Departments :-

    Employees of the private or public sector can receive their salaries through the MasterCard from the ATM of the bank or any other cashier inside or outside Iraq through a special account opened to the employee in the bank instead of receiving them through their services help to settle the salaries of employees to save Automatic access to various loans and banking products and distinctive functions, so easy your life and take advantage of this service provided by the Bank of the Iraqi Union.

  • MasterCard properties

    The MasterCard card provided by the Iraqi Union Bank allows its holder access to its bank account 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world. Withdraw money from the cardholder's account without having to perform any of the conventional banking operations. ATM, available locally and internationally and bearing the MasterCard logo. The MasterCard card holder can purchase online

  • Order MasterCard procedures

    1. Owning the customer's current account or the provision of the Union Bank.

    2. Approve the terms and conditions of the Master Card supplied by the Union Bank of Iraq

    3. Fill in the application form for the Master Card in the branch open with the customer's account and bring the relevant documents with the civil ID or passport.

    4. Once the above data is provided, the branch will provide the customer with the date of receipt of both the card and the personal identification number by sending an SMS to the customer.

  • Information about your MasterCard card

    1. The cardholder can ensure that his MasterCard card is accepted by the institution or merchant by checking the existence of the MasterCard logo, which is usually displayed prominently in the form of stickers in stores with points of sale or ATMs for financial institutions. In the absence of these stickers, the customer can verify the merchant or the institution whether the card is accepted by them or not.

    2. Debit or purchase transactions will be rejected if there is insufficient credit in the bank account of the cardholder. Therefore, the cardholder must check the status of his credit and the card attached before using the card for withdrawals or purchases.

    3. In case the cardholder forgets the PIN number .. The secret code .. The bank must follow the procedures to issue a new secret number and bring one of its supporting documents (civil status ID / passport).

    4. As a security measure, the ATM withdraws the card if the customer enters his secret number three times in a row. Even if this is done at different ATMs, the cardholder must go to the branch of the bank and bring one of his supporting documents to the bank. Or issuing a new one if the customer forgets his or her secret number.

    5. If you have any problems with your card please call the number on the back of the card or go to the nearest bank branch.

  • Lost MasterCard

    In case the cardholder loses his card due to theft or loss, he must notify the bank immediately by contacting the bank or by e-mail. The bank will stop the lost card and a new one will be issued later. The cardholder must also notify the bank when it is suspected of fraudulent Internet fraud cases in order to initiate verification of the transactions and take action on them

  • Prepaid Cards

    Prepaid cards from the bank's banking services are a 100% prepaid MasterCard card where the customer purchases this card and is charged with a certain amount that is paid by the customer in advance and used in purchases (Internet and Mail) Order) or in purchases of POS devices Card can be used inside and outside Iraq. Features of prepaid cards Card validity 1 year Currency in USD Rechargeable Bring a personal identification card with a completed KYC application form