Union Bank of Iraq

Our Services

Part of services that the bank can offer it.

Part of services that the bank can offer it:

  • Current accounts, Saving accounts and accepting deposits in both Iraqi & Foreign currencies for Iraqi people and foreigners
  • Issuing local transfers & bills
  • Conduct outgoing and incoming International transfers in dollar and other foreign currencies though below banks :
    1. Broker in selling & purchasing foreign currencies. 
    2. Issuing internal & external guarantee letters for all purposes. 
    3. Providing all kinds of banking facilities required in dinar of US dollar with accepted bank guarantees. 
    4. Providing (short and medium term) loans to customers, and all sectors in both Iraqi and foreign currencies.
    5. Buying drawn deeds on local bank branches inside & outside Baghdad city. 
    6. Issuing credit letters according to Iraqi trade law and international norms in its latest versions. 
    7. Broker in buying & selling stocks inside & outside Iraq for our customers.

Open current accounts and savings / individuals

Benefits of saving 8% in dinars 2% in dollars

Present personal documents of the customer with the passport with the photo with the attendance of the person identified by him

Open current accounts and savings / companies

Benefits of saving 8% in dinars 2% in dollars

Submission of the Company's Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and Financial Statements of the Company with the authorized director's documents

Accept deposits of all kinds and all currencies

6 months 9 percent || one year 10 percent

Open an account for the companies and individuals of the deposit

Issuing internal and external letters of guarantee

Entry tender and operational and good execution

Customer data with all company papers

Issuing approved instruments and Sufaj

Dinars and dollars in government departments and others

The certified instrument shall be issued from the customer's account to the government departments and others Issuing the instrument Issuing the instrument by depositing the amount in cash

External conversion and all over the world

The department transfers the amounts abroad in foreign currency against a commission of 6.5 thousand with the wages of the software and publications of 40,000

A commercial invoice shall be submitted by the customer if the amount exceeds $ 10,000 with the submission of the documents and the signing of the pledges with the request of the condition

Commercial services and issuance of documentary credits

L / C shall open a credit between the buyer (s) and the supplier (s) and there shall be an intermediary bank and shall rely on the documents

Submission of commercial invoice + Certificate of origin of a bill of lading

Providing bank credit of all types

The bank provides bank facilities with loans + 14% interest rate and syndicated credit letters of guarantee + credit

Providing real estate guarantees, documentary documents, real estate year

Granting loans to small and medium enterprises

The Bank provides a loan for small and medium enterprises for the youth and workers sector

Provide documentary documents and provide guarantees (guarantor of mortgage pledge) to provide a lease contract for the project and the approval of the municipal council and dictate the electronic form of submission and opening a current account in the bank

Investment portfolio management

Buying and selling shares in the Iraqi Stock Exchange

Submit the person's documents and authorize the company for the purpose of selling and buying shares in the Iraqi Stock Exchange

Buying and selling foreign currencies through entry

The Bank offers the sale of the dollar through the currency sale window in the Central Bank of Iraq and according to the Central Bank regulations for the public entering the cash auction of the banking companies where our bank offers its services to banking companies and according to the controls of the Central Bank and the commission provided by the Central Bank as well as foreign remittances and

The sale of the dollar to the customers: The creation of a valid passport with a valid travel card and the price of the Central Bank of Iraq 1460 dinars Selling the dollar to the banking companies: - Requires the company to submit a purchase request with a pledge that the sale is on the price of the Central Bank of Iraq Selling the dollar to commercial companies: + Commercial contract + certificate of origin + import license + customs clearance + tax clearance Appropriations \ submit commercial invoice + contract between the parties + documents + import license